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Zmode Switch

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Z-Mode Onboard Preamp - Overview

The 3ZB modules have been replaced by the Pro Z Module

The 3ZB model is our highly configurable offering. It has a bass guitar preamp and Z-Mode impedance control all in one module. The preamp pictured below has an Active/Passive switch, 2 bands of eq control and a tone or passive type treble roll off. You can go up to a 4 bands of EQ or simplify all the way down to no EQ, it's up to you.

Audere Audio 3ZB on-board bass guitar preamp

• Z-Mode switch
Standard on all units, selects one of three sounds while playing: High Z, Mid Z, and Low Z.
• Adjustable capacitance loading
Set for each pickup,  it allows you to adjust the resonate peak frequency in High Z mode.
• Adjustable gain
Set for each pickup,  it allows you to adjust the gain in Low Z mode (see section on Adjustments below).
• LED Battery Level Indicator
On power up, it's flash sequence gives an intuitive indication of your battery's strength
• Flexible configuration options:
 • Volume/Volume, or Volume, Balance Controls
 •  Optional Active/Passive Bypass Switch
• Highly configurable EQ:
•  No EQ;
•  Passive Style High Frequency Roll Off;
•  Active Style EQ;
           1 Band;
           2 Band;
           3 Band with or without a Mid Frequency selection switch; or
           4 Band EQ
• Pre-wired to your specification for easy installation
• 9 or 18 volts with long battery life
• Works with Passive pickups, single or dual
• Small module - 1"W x 2"L x 0.5"D
• Stacked or Individual controls (knobs are not included).

Adjustments on the Module TopAudere Audio 3ZB on-board bass preamp shown with Low and High Z-Mode adjustments and supplies screwdriver

Each module has 4 adjustments to optimize the preamp for your personal sound.

#1) High Z-Mode Capacitance for the Bridge Pickup - top left
#2) and Neck Pickup Capacitance - top right
#3) Low Z-Mode Gain for the Bridge Pickup - bottom left
#4) and Neck Pickup Gain - bottom right.

These high quality adjusters feature 11 turns of adjustment range.

A mini 1mm screwdriver is provided to make the adjustments.
Even though you will probably only adjust the preamp once during the initial instillation - we recommend storing this small very light weight screwdriver in your electronics cavity by just taping it down.


Our high quality pots are compact for ease of fit: 6mm shaft diameter (combined 8mm when stacked), with a 10mm bushing length to fit both panels and solid wood top construction; 9mm square and 7mm deep for singles, 12mm deep for stacked pots.

Volume and Balance Controls
A single pickup preamp comes with one Volume control.
Dual pickups can use a wider range of options and come in Master Volume and/or Volume & Volume or Vol/Vol stacked or Volume and Balance configurations.
Tone Controls
Passive Treble Roll Off, No tone controls, or up to 4 band EQ. We've have 7 different options to choose from - and that's just the tone section.
The Z mode switch comes with the base module and we offer versions with an Active/Passive switch (passive override). The switch bushings are 1/4" diameter, 9.0mm length; the finish is chrome and each switch comes with additional decorative washer and nut sets; in both Black Nickel and Gold for versatile finishing.

Important Details:

You configure the preamp to suit your bass and we will do the wiring. High temperature Teflon jacket is used for the wires preamp installers will need to make solder connections with, for example, pickup connection leads. All wiring is color coded and the wire is 24 AWG with 19 sub-strands for increased flexibility.The Audere Audio on-board bass guitar 3ZB preamp module is about the size of a 9V battery
Our on-board preamp module is just about the size of a 9V battery: 2.0"L x 1.0"W x 0.55"H as can be seen in the picture (width same as battery).
The module is pre-wired per your order, you will need to attach the pickup wires, install the Battery Indicator LED and attach the controls to the body.
Double sided tape patches are included


To use our preamp, you must have PASSIVE PICKUPS, meaning that the pickup does NOT have a semiconductor component in it (transistor, op-amp etc). If you are uncertain about your pickups, check with the manufacturer or send Sales an email.